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Life could be so beautiful…if it weren’t for conflicts with other people. The causes can be as varied as the people themselves. In practically all cases, misunderstandings, lack of or poor communication, hurt and slights, and different interests or values play a major role.

Our expert: Attorney and Licensed Mediator BM® Olav Sydow
Lawyer + Licensed Mediator BM® Olav Sydow

As humans we are usually creative, complex and flexible, but in conflicts we often fall into unconscious, learned patterns and communicate one-sidedly, fixed and rigidly.

Conflicts are then experienced as threatening and destructive, it becomes increasingly difficult to perceive one’s counterpart as a whole and not just as a distorted image. We also often no longer experience ourselves positively.

It also doesn’t help when outsiders, family members, friends or colleagues shake their heads and ask, “Why don’t you just come to an agreement?”

As a participant, it is not at all easy and even the best efforts fail – you are in the middle of a mess from which there seems to be no way out.

How can a mediator help with conflicts?

In mediation, I will help you as a neutral intermediary in a clearly structured process, in which I direct the communication and enable everyone involved to be able to clearly express their point of view, look together with you at your communication, your interests and the underlying needs. After taking a closer look at the conflict and the underlying causes, a better understanding of the other person often develops, but in any case greater clarity and, based on this, we look together at various possible solutions.

If you reach an agreement, I will summarize this for you in a memorandum or an agreement, if necessary. I can contribute my many years of legal expertise and can also help in legally complex situations.

As a legal mediator, I also give you legal information during the mediation, which often proves to be very helpful. In addition, I place a special focus on helping you to improve your communication in the long term.

From my own experience, I can confirm how beneficial mediation is and what amazingly good results it can produce. My own enriching experiences encourages me to enable others to experience the same. Of course, mediation cannot make everything better or solve everything either, but it brings greater clarity and often a solution that is tailor-made for your particular situation.

Especially when there is a lot at stake and when it comes to personal relationships, you should leave no stone unturned to settle a conflict, lengthy and expensive court proceedings are usually very stressful and afterwards everyone involved is still often dissatisfied.

Especially when it comes to mediation and dispute resolution, the earlier you seek professional help, the better your chances of reaching an amicable agreement and a good deal!

How does it work?

For the mediation under my direction, I will agree upon an hourly fee with you, which is usually well below the usual hourly rates for lawyers.

A session can last 1.5 hours or longer, sometimes the mediation is completed with one session or it can last several sessions.

In some cases it makes sense to call in a second mediator, especially in the case of highly escalated conflicts or special issues. In my network there are reliable co-mediators for all common topics.

The mediation takes place in my office or online via the Internet, if necessary also at other locations.

Who does the mediation?

I can support you as a mediator in all family or professional conflicts. One focus is in particular in the area of intercultural and international conflicts, whereby I mediate in both German and English.

I’m Olav Sydow, born in 1971, and a licensed mediator according to the standards of the Bundesverband Mediation eV. In addition to the annual training at mediationsbüro mitte in 2012, I also completed a separate training in cross-border family mediation at Mikk eV International Mediation Center for Family Conflict and Child Abduction in 2013 and I specialize in conflicts in relationships, families and companies.

Feel free to make an appointment for a free preliminary talk of up to 20 minutes, I will be happy to clarify any questions you may have.