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Labor law has gained increasing importance and scope in recent years and decades. In detail, it consists of a large number of individual laws that are difficult to comprehend, but which are nevertheless incomplete and fragmentary.

Knowledge of the constantly evolving and changing jurisprudence is therefore often necessary for successful employment law advice and legal representation, as well as the collective agreement regulations that may have to be taken into account. The professional focus of our work lies in both individual and collective employment law, disciplinary law and working-time accounts.

Our experts:
Specialist lawyer for labor law Anja Bothe and lawyer Olav Sydow

Labor law expert: specialist attorney for labor law Anja Bothe Labor law expert: attorney Olav Sydow

With us you will find specialist lawyers for labor law Anja Bothe and lawyer Olav Sydow , who are knowledgeable, competent and specialized in labor law and will support you with any problems that may arise, whether as an employee, employer or in some other way.

The subject of the consulting and representation practice in employment law is the entire area from the initiation of an employment relationship, i.e. the contractual design or review of employment contracts and company agreements, to problems that arise in the current employment relationship, to the termination of an employment relationship by contractual agreement or termination, payment of severance pay etc.

As an employee , it is particularly important to note that the deadlines for filing a lawsuit against a dismissal that has taken place are very short and that rapid action is therefore required. For example, an action for protection against dismissal must be filed no later than three weeks after receipt of the notice of termination. If you as an employee want to defend yourself against dismissal, make an appointment immediately so that this deadline is not missed!

A conciliation hearing then takes place before the labor court – usually no later than four weeks after the complaint has been filed – in which an attempt is made to reach an amicable agreement, e.g. by agreeing a settlement between the parties. If this fails, the actual procedure is carried out at a further date.

Irrespective of the outcome of the proceedings, employers and employees bear their own costs in proceedings before the labor court in the first instance. The lawyer’s fees result from the Lawyers’ Fees Act and, in the case of actions for protection against unfair dismissal, depend on the income most recently achieved.

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