As lawyers, we are regularly available for you. If you are unable to reach us during office hours, please leave your phone number with our staff and we will call you back as soon as possible.

If necessary, you can often arrange meetings at short notice, just give us a call. Appointments in the evening hours are also available on request.

In order to be able to work for you, we need a power of attorney signed by you. You can download and print them out from this website. Read them through at your leisure and then fill them out and send them to us by post, fax or email if you cannot come to a meeting in a timely manner.

General power of attorney for most procedures (labour law,
Family law, social law, traffic law, civil law, etc.):

Power of Attorney General

Special power of attorney for criminal proceedings:

Power of Attorney in Criminal Proceedings

Special power of attorney for fine proceedings:

Power of Attorney for Fine Proceedings