Specialist lawyer for criminal law / criminal defense Berlin

In hardly any area of law is expert help as important as criminal law.

Criminal proceedings are often a very stressful and often life-threatening situation for those personally affected, both for the accused and their relatives, especially if pre-trial detention is ordered. But even if “only” a fine is imposed, there is a risk of an entry in the certificate of good conduct and the fine usually reaches four-digit sums.

Our expert: specialist lawyer for criminal law Olav Sydow

Our expert: specialist lawyer for criminal law Olav Sydow

That is why it is crucial to hire a competent lawyer.

As a law firm, we have been specializing in the field of criminal law and criminal defense for many years.

With Olav Sydow, a specialist lawyer for criminal law , you have a competent contact person for all areas of criminal law.

As a law firm based in Berlin, we are mainly active in the Berlin/Brandenburg area, but accept criminal law mandates throughout Germany.

In criminal law as a special part of public law, the state has created far-reaching opportunities to intervene. This ranges from the special powers in the context of investigative activity to the consequences of a final conviction, which extend to imprisonment.

As a victim, you are often powerless and helpless in the face of this state supremacy in the form of the investigating authorities (police and public prosecutor’s office) and the court, especially when a search warrant and/or seizure is executed.

[In addition, in recent years there has been a tendency to use dubious methods to try to circumvent the accused’s rights in order to obtain evidence or a confession.]

It is therefore advisable in most cases, both as an accused or accused and as a relative of an accused / accused, to commission a lawyer with the criminal defense as early as possible, even before a penal order or an indictment is issued.

The involvement of a professional criminal defense lawyer is often necessary, especially for the crucial questions of whether and if so, what information can be provided on the matter, what police measures are permissible and what can be done about it, whether applications are made in the preliminary investigation or witnesses are named enough indispensable help, because as a person affected, one is usually too personally impaired to assess the situation correctly and does not know the content of the investigation file. Therefore, make an appointment with us immediately.

Below we list frequently occurring areas of our advisory and representation practice in criminal law, whereby we are of course also active in areas that cannot be listed here for reasons of space:

  • Narcotics law / drug offences
  • sex offenses
  • commercial criminal law
  • criminal traffic law
  • Bodily injury offenses
  • Administrative offenses and fine matters
  • driving license law
  • criminal tax law
  • juvenile criminal law

The fee for our work depends on the effort involved in the matter, which varies from case to case. At the beginning of the activity, however, it is sometimes not always possible to get an overview of the total costs incurred, especially if the investigations are still ongoing. The Lawyer’s Remuneration Act provides a framework within which the lawyer determines the fees according to various criteria.

We therefore usually arrange the payment of a fee advance with you and, as soon as this is possible, conclude a fee agreement that is binding for both parties, so that you have security as quickly as possible and do not experience any unpleasant surprises. We would be happy to discuss this with you in detail in a meeting.