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Insurance law includes the protection of risks and damage for a variety of areas. However, the content of the insurance contracts differs considerably, even in the same lines of insurance, depending on which risks are insured and which insurance conditions have been included in the contract.

If a claim occurs, insurers often raise objections to the claims, either because an obligation to pay for the damage is rejected on the merits or objections are raised against the amount of the claim. The question often arises as to whether there is a risk exclusion or an obligation that is said to have been breached.

Insurers also object that incorrect information was provided when the insurance contract was concluded or when the claim was reported. In some cases, claims are simply reduced without justification and it is awaited whether legal help is taken to enforce claims.

Our expert: specialist lawyer for insurance law Olav Sydow

Expert for insurance law: specialist attorney in insurance law Olav Sydow

There are also often deadlines that must be observed in order to report a claim, and there are sometimes significant consequences for missing the deadline, up to and including the complete loss of claims!

The insurer often has a duty to provide information before and during the conclusion of the contract and when sending damage reports, which are not always observed. It is also always necessary to check whether clauses that restrict insurance cover are actually legally effective or not.

Precise knowledge of the legal situation and the relevant case law is necessary for successful insurance law advice and legal representation.

With us, you will find Olav Sydow, a specialist lawyer for insurance law, a knowledgeable, competent contact person who specializes in insurance law and who will support you with any problems that may arise.

The subject of the consulting and representation practice in insurance law is the entire area from the conclusion of an insurance contract, the possibility of a subsequent cancellation of the conclusion of the contract, problems that arise in the current insurance contract, especially in the event of damage or recourse claims by the insurer, to the termination of an insurance contract through challenge, withdrawal or termination.

Our activity covers both the range of the personal insurance, there among other things

– life insurance
– Pension insurance
– Health insurance
– Care insurance
– accident insurance
– disability insurance
– Death benefit insurance

as well as the area of property insurance, there among others

– Natural hazards insurance
– Vehicle insurance
– Fire insurance
– Building insurance
– Business Insurance
– Liability insurance
– Household insurance
– Credit insurance
– Legal protection insurance

But there are also a number of possible problems and pitfalls in other areas of insurance law where legal advice and assistance may be required. Arrange a meeting with us. We will be happy to clarify all pending questions with you in detail and at your leisure.

The fees for legal work result from the Lawyers’ Fees Act and are calculated on the basis of the object value, which results from the value of the disputed claims.