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Everyone has to deal with traffic law almost every day, one step out of the house onto the street and you are right in the middle of the traffic. No matter how you move, nobody is safe from unwanted events and it almost always happens faster than you think on the road: suddenly you are involved in a traffic accident, come to a traffic control, a fine notice or a letter from the police flutters into the house, your driver’s license in danger, there are problems with the car you just bought or sold…

As a person that is affected, you quickly reach your limits in all areas:

Our expert: Specialist Lawyer for Traffic law Olav Sydow


Insurance companies now operate a highly specialized so-called claims management that has only one goal, namely to keep the costs of the insurance as low as possible, ie to pay the injured party as little as possible. Since it is still too little known that the opposing car insurance company also has to bear the costs of the injured party’s lawyer, accident victims often lose money in direct contact.

The police uses highly complex technical systems for speed and distance measurements, red light violations, etc. where the person concerned has to make specific objections that are simply impossible without precise knowledge of the device used.

Both points in the driver’s license register and a driving ban are sometimes not only annoying, but can also have serious consequences for the driver’s license.

When it comes to driving cars, motorbikes, trucks, etc., the legislature doesn’t take any jokes: whether it’s a small unnoticed bump in the park, you’ve drunk a little too much alcohol or smoked cannabis, your driver’s license is gone faster than you can see and what the police and the judiciary have in their hands, they don’t give back so quickly, no matter what sometimes life-threatening consequences this has for the person concerned.

Disputes about sales contracts relating to motor vehicles arise quickly and are usually very annoying. Both as a buyer and as a seller, you are quickly confronted with problems when something on the car suddenly no longer works properly or a dispute arises about the equipment, mileage, previous damage, accident-free status, etc.

Knowledge of the constantly evolving case law, legislation and technology is essential for successful traffic law advice and representation. Nothing is simple in traffic law and only in a few areas of law is the combination of special legal and technical knowledge as important as in traffic law.

With us, you will find Olav Sydow, a specialist lawyer for traffic law, a knowledgeable, competent contact person who specializes in traffic law and who will support you with all problems that arise.

The subject of the consulting and representation practice in traffic law are, among others

– Traffic accidents involving car and truck drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists, scooters and pedestrians as well as occupants of cars, trains, buses etc.

– Proceedings for fines due to speed measurements, falling below the distance, red light violations, mobile phone driving, alcohol and/or drug consumption, disregard for the right of way, incorrect overtaking, turning or reversing, incorrect loading, poor technical vehicle condition, parking and stopping violations, expired TÜV/HU, lack of insurance cover, etc

– Criminal proceedings for hit-and-run, driving under the influence of alcohol, drug offences, vehicle racing, driving without a license, coercion in road traffic, dangerous interference in road traffic, negligent bodily harm, etc

– Administrative procedures for driver’s licenses, MPU orders, driver’s log requirements, etc

– Car purchase / repair, incl. Vehicle defects, misleading, incorrect or missing information in the purchase contract, diesel emissions scandal, etc

But there are also a number of possible problems and pitfalls in other areas of traffic law where legal advice and assistance may be required. Arrange a meeting with us. We will be happy to clarify all pending questions with you in detail and at your leisure.

The fees for legal work result from the Lawyers’ Fees Act and are calculated on the basis of the object value resulting from the value of the disputed claims, or we will make an individual fee agreement with you.